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My 1989 show at Bruce Lurie in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was called “Equilibrists”, with figures balancing in yoga position around swimming pools reflecting my two routines: yoga and swimming.

When I received a call from Zurich asking me if I was an equilibrist I could not say no. Little did I know that the gallerist calling was Aytun Altindal, a Turkish researcher of occult societies.  The show in Zurich was attended by the Who’s Who of European Masonry.  I later found out the equilibrist is an obscure but favorite figure in Mason iconography.

Soon after, two friends of Aytun came on calling. They were ex-KGB agents and part of his occult circle who in 1990 were opening the first commercial gallery in Moscow since the 1917 Revolution. They like the idea of pools, a capitalist symbol and they offered me a show.

This kind of event was a unique opportunity.  So, I put together “POOLS” a gathering of International artists who had used pools as a subject. David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Francesco Clemente joined immediately and so we went to Moscow.