Living at the confluence of Film, Art and Fashion



In the 1970’s a fashion revolution was brewing in Europe. I was directing TV commercials then. On a trip to Milan a friend introduced me to a revolutionary young designer. His work blew me away. He took old structures out of clothing and used fabrics that no one had used in hundred years. His name was Giorgio Armani. On a lark I decided to open a microscopic new boutique concept in Manhattan to showcase his work and other disruptors.  Two years later years there were three “Madonna”, locations in Manhattan and one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The boutiques were salons where people from the arts, theater, fashion and cinema congregated for a new experience. Andy Warhol (a regular) strolled in with Elton John who chatted away with Lennon while Yoko was getting men’s clothing cut to her size and Warhol videotaped everybody and everything. It was amazing theater.

Michael Mann came and spotted the unstructured linen jackets worn over T shirts that became later the perfect Don Johnson “Look”.  Mann invited me to be the fashion consultant on his series.

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